Solveig Gade © Natascha Thiara Rydvald
Falk Richter © Bernhard Musil
Runar Hodne © Dramaten

The Danish National School of Performing Arts is proud to announce the appointment of Falk Richter (DE), Solveig Gade (DK), and Runar Hodne (NO) as professors in performing arts. They will take on the job to develop the school's new MFA in Performing arts into a programme that promotes collaboration across disciplines and prepares the students for professional practice as creative artists within a broad field of contemporary performative practices.

"I am very proud to announce the appointment of our exciting new team of professors", rector Mads Thygesen says. "They will strengthen the school’s research profile and provide our Master-students with significant artistic insight and experience. The team of professors will work collaboratively to enhance an already vibrant artistic and academic environment by bringing new artistic insight, practical knowledge and a renewed experimental approach to teaching.

New programme: Master of Fine Arts in Performing Arts

With the Master’s degree, the Danish National School of Performing Arts aims to establish an education that provides opportunities for further development of the various artistic disciplines taught at the school and offers students the chance to immerse themselves and specialise in the theoretical and practical fields of Performing Arts. The programme takes its starting point in an understanding of Performing Arts as an art form based on collaboration and cross-disciplinary exchange, with the goal of developing each student into an independent performer who – based on solid professionalism – can work across disciplines and develop new artistic expressions.

The master’s programme offers multiple possibilities for artistic specialisation. Each student will follow an independent path through the overall programme as they pursue their own artistic goals. 

Call for applications

The programme is open for international students. Applicants pass must pass an admission test (interview) and have undertaken an artistic education at a bachelor's level from the Danish National School of Performing Arts or another relevant Danish or foreign higher education institution. 


Application deadline: April 23rd, 2019.

How to apply: Find the application guide here

Professor Falk Richter

Falk Richter is one of the most significant German playwrights and directors of his generation. His plays are translated into more than 35 languages and are produced all over the world. Apart from writing and directing his own plays, Richter has directed Shakespeare, Chekhov, Schiller, Brecht, and a number of contemporary writers such as Caryl Churchill, Harold Pinter, Martin Crimp, Sarah Kane, Jon Fosse, Mark Ravenhill, Lars Noren, Roland Schimmelpfennig, and operas by Tschaikowsky, Strauss and Weber, as well as by Hans Werner Henze, Jörg Widmann and Jörn Arnecke.

Richter is internationally renowned for his interdisciplinary work and distinct way of engaging with pressing social and political issues through performing arts. Questions of gender, heritage and belonging, as well as the politics of identity and resistance, play an important role in his work, which is always research-based/oriented. Collaborating with actors, musicians, dancers, and video artists in processes, which may both take their point of departure in plays written by Richter as well as texts devised jointly during the rehearsal process, the work of Richter is rooted in a distinct intersectional approach to performing arts. Richter works internationally (Germany, France, Sweden, Italy, Holland, Belgium, Australia, North-America and beyond) and often with international casts.

"I see myself as an artist that has a strong commitment to political and social discourse, who always seeks the dialogue with other artists and other art forms and constantly reaches out to progressive political, ecological and social individual thinkers, influencers, and movements," Professor Richter says. "My goal is to pass this artistic concept on to a generation of young theatre makers." 

Richter’s workshops at The Danish National School of Performing Arts will include international guest teachers, excursions and international theatre work (e.g., in Berlin and Hamburg) and it is an integral part of his role as professor at The Danish National School of Performing Arts to develop the international profile of the new MFA. In 2019, Professor Richter's classes, lectures, and workshops with the Master-students will be held in Copenhagen, New York, Hamburg, and Berlin.

Professor Runar Hodne

Runar Hodne (1970) is a Norwegian Theatre director. Hodne is critically acclaimed for his work as a theatre director and has substantial experience in the role of teaching in theater educations in Norway and abroad. He has been appointed as professor in both acting (2012) and direction (2016) at Oslo National Academy of the Arts and has served as head of the education in directing from 2016-2019. 

Concept development, Conceptual art and theatre, Realisation of New Writing, and Scenic realisation are among Hodne's areas of specialisation. Making his professional debut in 2001 at The National Theatre in Oslo with the production of "Nokon kjem til å komme" by Norwegian playwright Jon Fosse, Hodne has established himself as a critically acclaimed theatre director in Norway and abroad. He has directed a wide range of modern and classic plays on some of the most important theatres in Norway, Denmark and Sweden (e.g., Dramaten, Aarhus Teater, The Danish National Theatre, The National Theatre in Oslo).

Since 1992, Hodne has also worked as a director and photographer for film and television.

At the master's programme, Runar Hodne will lead a laboratory course focusing on interpretation, text, and artistic work as both process and result. How do we interpret a text? How do we read it? And how does the concept of these overlapping and colliding forms develop into stage art? The course will develop in flux with the students’ artistic ideas as well as focus on strategies, history, and knowledge available within the field of theatre.

 "I am very much looking forward to becoming a part of the educational team at the Danish National School of Performing arts and to working with the students on the new master in performing arts. The master's degree will be a historical turning point for performing arts in Denmark."

Professor Solveig Gade

Solveig Gade is professor in Performing Arts and head of the master's programme at The Danish National School of Performing Arts. She will teach theoretical disciplines across the four specialisations offered in the upcoming master’s programme.

Since completing her master’s degree in Scandinavian Literature and Theatre Studies from the University of Copenhagen and Aarhus in 2000, Solveig has persistently sought to combine theory and practice working both as a theatre scholar and a dramaturge.

As a dramaturg, she has great experience working on both larger and smaller productions. From 2008 to 2014 she was a permanent dramaturg in "Skuespillet" at The Royal Danish Theater. Other theatres where she has worked as a dramaturg include Betty Nansen Teatret, S/H, Corpus v. Den Kongelige Ballet, Camp X, Odsherred Teater, and in 2003-2004, she assisted in the literary department at Volksbühne (Berlin). She has worked closely with directors such as Elisa Kragerup, Christian Lollike, Rune David Grue and Emmet Feigenberg. In December 2018, she was honoured by the Danish Arts Foundation for her dramaturgical work on Orlando at the Betty Nansen Theatre.

Her scholarly research centres on experimental and post-dramatic strategies in contemporary theatre and performance and the ways in which these strategies respond to their surrounding political contexts. She earned her Ph.D. in Theatre and Performance Studies from the University of Copenhagen in 2008, and in 2014 she embarked on a postdoc project on war and conflict as depicted in contemporary theatre and performance. Between 2016 to 2019 she was an Associate Professor at the Department of Dramaturgy at Aarhus University, where she taught courses in Dramaturgy, Applied Dramaturgy, Theatre Practice, and Theatre and Performance Theory.


Rector: Mads Thygesen 
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Head of the master's programme: Solveig Gade 
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